Thermochemical data selection and prediction. The group has a long experience in analysing and predicting thermochemical data of pure compounds. This motivated, for example, the ThermInfo project. One member of the group (J. A. Martinho Simões) was also responsible for the organometallic themochemistry database included in the NIST WebBook from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA. Possible applications include data for process engineering development and desk screening analysis for thermal hazard evaluation.

Calorimetric and thermoanalytical methods. The group has a considerable expertise on a variety of calorimetric and thermoanalytical methods. Applications cover thermochemical data measurement, phase transition and polymorph detection, and the use of thermoanalytical and calorimetric methods for thermal hazard evaluation.

Crystallization. The group can perform small scale (ca. 100 cm3) solubility and crystallization studies by using a fully automatic reactor with turbidity detection. Applications include solid-solution phase diagrams to evaluate the stability domains of different solid phases (e.g. polymorphs, solvates) and metastable zone width determinations.