The FT-ICR-MS instrument located at ITN is a Finnigan FT/MS 2001-DT equipped with a 3T superconducting magnet (figures 1); two ionizations sources (a Nd:YAG laser that allows the desorption/ionization of solids samples and an electronic ionization system based in a rhenium filament that emits a beam of high energetic electrons for ionization of volatile samples); a probe of solids to introduce solids and less volatile samples and a system of pulsed valves and leak valves for volatile samples; Finnigan Venus Odyssey data system to collect and analyze the results.


Figure 1. FT-ICR-MS apparatus located at ITN.


This apparatus combines the high sensitivity of FT-ICR-MS ion trap detection with the possibility of distilling the sample from a container adjacent to the trap inside the vacuum chamber where detection of the gas-phase species takes place. These two features make it particularly advantageous for the study of vapors evolving from low-vapor-pressure materials [1].

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