To know in more detail

The webpages in this chapter are intended to provide an account of photoacoustic calorimetry methodologies used in physical organic chemistry studies. Equations and reactions schemes are presented in more detail and more accurately than in the previous chapters, but the description is still kept simple in comparison to that of most scientific papers. A comprehensive set of references is given for each subject.

Brief history
From the photophone (A. G. Bell) to time-resolved photoacoustic calorimetry.

Experimental setup
Detailed description and photographs of our photoacoustic calorimeter.

PAC determination of reaction enthalpies and volume changes
How to derive these chemical properties from the PAC experimental data.

PAC determination of bond dissociation enthalpies
General strategy to calculate BDEs from PAC derived reaction enthalpies.

The PAC time-window
TR-PAC fundamentals.

TR-PAC determination of bond dissociation enthalpies
General strategy revisited with the upgraded TR-PAC technique.